U Can't Have Any!


All nude paintings/drawings are from life. The Nudes: Models in action performing for the artist. I try to maintain the classic ideals, keeping it honest and pushing the contemporary moods. The more juice the model brings the more juice the artist gets. Usually 20 minute poses: first poses are fast (2) minutes: (10) two's for instance with the model going from pose to pose with-out a break.... warming up both artist and model. Next are the 5's: (4) fives make twenty minutes. Next (2) tens and after that the 20's. The longer the pose the harder it is for the model to maintain it... It's not easy to be a good model. Sometimes the model will do the same pose for two or three 20 minute sessions giving the artist the time they need for a more complete result. The small works come from the 2 and 5 minute poses, are quicker and smaller than 11" x 14" ... All are finished on the drafting table in the studio after the model goes home. Please enjoy!

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